When you visit Chipotle on a daily basis as the CMG Crew does, you cannot help but constantly look for small tweaks to make the experience even better.

I know, I know…how can you possibly make the Chipotle experience better?


When Apple took the music industry by storm with the introduction of the first iPod, did they stop there? No. They continued to refine and innovate, and have put a stranglehold on the industry.

No offense to the three people that own a Microsoft Zune.

As mentioned on Slate.com, Chipotle is Apple and is revolutionizing the fast food industry.

How does Chipotle take the next step and make a great product even better? How do they make a bold move and leave every other burrito chain chasing after them?

The Guelito

What the heck is a Guelito?

The Guelito, pronounced gwell-ito, is the type of innovation that Chipotle needs to consider to crush the competition.

The Guelito takes the mouth-watering, savory flavor of a burrito bowl and the melty, cheesy goodness of a cheese quesadilla and mashes them together into one delectable bouquet of awesomeness!

For proper construction of The Guelito, you order your cheese quesadilla and then as that is cooking in the press you order up the burrito bowl. With both orders ready for consumption, you open the cheese quesadilla – move quickly while the cheese is still hot – and flip the burrito bowl contents right on top of the melted cheese.

Add some Chipotle flavored Tabasco for some extra kick, roll and enjoy!

You might think you’re prepared for what lies ahead, but when you take the first bite you will think you’ve found the leprechaun with the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The explosion of taste may knock you off the chair.

You may lose consciousness momentarily.

The fusion of the melted cheese from the quesadilla with the sour cream, salsa, rice and meat (and extra cheese) from the burrito bowl is beyond words!

Try it for yourself.

And then let Chipotle know you want The Guelito, invented by the CMG Crew and Wandering Burrito, added to their menu for everyone to enjoy.

Whether Chipotle cares to embrace this type of innovation will show us whether they will truly be the Apple of the fast food industry or whether they will suffer the fate of the Zune.

What do you say Chipotle?


Picture the following…

Your stomach is grumbling as you explore the streets of a distant city far away from friends and family. Your feet are aching and you’re fighting exhaustion. As you round the next corner, you catch a glimpse of the large Chipotle sign plastered on the building.


Pulse quickening, you race towards the entrance knowing that once you step inside those doors everything will be forgotten as you order up your concoction.

Hmm…that’s strange, it seems awfully dark inside.

Under construction!?!

The above is exactly the situation that I found myself in last week.

Plunked down in San Diego by an airplane with far too little leg room, walking towards the hotel of my colleague in the Gaslamp District, I saw the sign enticing me as I crossed Broadway.

Sure, I had eaten an In-N-Out burger hours earlier but that had been the first food I’d eaten all day and I was ready to chase it with a burrito.

Unfortunately, it was not to be.

The location on Broadway and First Street is still under construction and all I could do was curse my luck and gaze through the window imagining how delicious that burrito would have been. Instead I had to drown my sorrows at Yard House (which was not too bad of a consolation prize as it turns out.)

The tease of a closed CMG is a pain that not many can appreciate, but for those that have been there before, my heart goes out to you.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

Well, that might be true, but I would have to say that a close second would be “hell hath no fury like a grumbling stomach denied a burrito.”


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